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5mm OZD Lens Customization

Paragon CRT® & Paragon CRT Dual Axis®

Now the power to decrease treatment zone size is in your hands.

More and more Ortho-K practitioners are discovering the benefits of a decreased back Optic Zone Diameter (OZD). Now CooperVision Specialty EyeCare gives you the power to customize!

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Decreased Treatment Zone Size
A proven, statistically significant reduction in topographic treatment zone diameter.1

Rapid Onset
Clinical results show 0.43D more myopia correction at 1-day visit.1

Enhanced Paracentral Steepening
Experience increased paracentral corneal steepening compared to larger optic zone designs.1

1. Jung, L., Liu, M., Comparing 5mm and 6mm Back Optic Zone Diameter (BOZD) in Orthokeratology Lens Design, Presented at: Global Specialty Lens Symposium. 2022 January. 


Video Series: Prescribing smaller optic zones

Drs. Maria Liu and Leah Johnson have a series of videos on what practitioners need to know on how to successfully prescribe smaller optic zones.

Click the link to watch the full collection of 5mm OZD videos: 5mm OZD Collection

5mm OZD Quick Tip

Watch this Myopia Minute to learn about the benefits of decreased back optic zone diameter with 5mm OZD lens customization for Paragon CRT® and Dual Axis®.

Click the link to watch the full collection of Myopia Minute videos: Myopia Minutes

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