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Meet Visavy™(vee-SAH-vee), the exciting, new software from CooperVision Specialty EyeCare designed to enhance your fitting success with Paragon CRT® and Dual Axis®


Visavy™ harnesses the power of proprietary technology built specifically to analyze patient topography and provide CRT lens design recommendations.  The software integrates with major topographer brands and its intuitive interface makes learning quick and easy.

Consider the benefits of Visavy™.  

Fit with Confidence
Visavy™ does not replace your knowledge and experience – it supplements it. This powerful software provides you technology-driven insights to advance your success and confidence in fitting CRT. 

Design. Order. Track
Visavy™ delivers a seamless, "one stop shop" experience. Place your order and then track its status. Have a question?Getting connected with our support teams is a click away. 

Patient Experience
Visavy™ brings a new level of efficiancy and effectiveness to your fitting process. Imagine the potential impact on your patients' experience and satisfaction. 

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